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See what these satisfied clients have to say about neurosurgeon Dr. Moza. His skills do not go unnoticed, and he ensures that his clients are top priority. The health and well-being of his clients is why he became a neurosurgeon. Call Dr. Moza, an experienced neurosurgeon in Thousand Oaks, California to schedule an appointment.

Bas Rutten - Former Professsional MMA Fighter

“I used to be a professional Mixed Martial Artists and the years of training and competiting took it’s toll, one day I couldn’t grab the milk out of the fridge (Not fun when you normally can do 9 one-arm pull ups). It started in 2010, I have had two neck surgeries done since, (one in 2011 and one on January 2013), by other surgeons and my condition only improved a little bit. I heard of Doctor Moza and paid him a visit. Everything from Doctor’s Moza’s side was a breeze, of course there was pain in recovery but that’s normal when they cut in your neck from the front and back, haha. He did everything to make it more comfortable for me after the surgery, I never had any problems with getting a fast response from him. I was weak in my arm for the last 4 years, lost a lot of muscle tissue, but yesterday (two and a half weeks after surgery) I tried for fun what I could do with only an 8 Lbs biceps weight (First I asked the Doctor of course), I did 50 repetitions, double of what I could before the surgery. So I am pretty sure that I will rebuild my shoulder and biceps to what it was before so it matches my left arm/shoulder again. Am very happy!”

Kevin F. - Patient

“Dr. Moza is the only surgeon you should go to!! Save yourself the trouble I went through, I needed a disk replacement at my L4-L5 and a fusion at my L5-S1. My previous Dr. drove the screw through the center of my nerve on the right side, it took him 5 days to admit he had done something wrong only because another Dr. at Cedars-Sinai that checked in with everyone, every night was worried about how much pain I was in after a fusion and sent me for a CT scan… I was sent in for an emergency surgery to fix the problem 5 days later. It’s been 14 months since my disk replacement, 6 months since my (2) fusions, and have had more pain then ever, I was sent out for another CT scan to make sure everything was placed right, the guy who made the report of this CT said basically “all was well”… I have been suffering for 6 months only because all of the doctors I went to only read the report. My friend told me to see Dr. Moza for a second opinion, Dr. Moza looked at the CD of my CT scan before reading the report and found numerous problems that were not on the report, he call the guy who made the report if front of me on speaker phone, had him pull up my records and showed him what he had missed, got him to admitted to it, and told him he better make a new report and fast!! Dr. Moza got me in for surgery 2 days later. I’m am now 2 weeks post op and feel better than ever!! Dr. Moza is a very competent and confident Dr. He will tell you if he can help you or not!! You have to see Dr. Moza before any big decisions you make! 5 star Dr.”

Reuben Joy - PharmD

“Dr. Moza made a first impression upon my wife and I that we will never forget.  His magnanimous compassion regarding the need to get me back to work ASAP was encouraging.  His confidence regarding the repair of my lumbar plight was reassuring. We were in his office on a Friday afternoon and he and his Physician Assistant Jonah Tan were operating the following Monday afternoon.  Dr. Moza adjusted his surgery schedule to add my case.  My TOSH experience exceeded my expectations!  I am thankful that Dr. Moza has privileges at TOSH and thankful that I have Aetna PPO insurance. My post-op days at TOSH were blessed by a cadre of servant-minded RNs, PCTs, PT personnel and delightful folks from the kitchen. I would be remiss not to mention Dr. Ghodsian’s role in my rapid recovery. He gave generously of his time and talent.  Dr. Moza, Jonah, Candiss and Yvonne have gone a full measure to care for me post-operatively in their office.  Dr. Moza is unique among surgeons.  He is gifted with caring, compassion, talented hands and capable assistants like Jonah. He has been and I pray will continue to be a blessing to many.”

Gary K. - Patient

“Best surgeon I have ever met and had the pleasure of being treated by him and his staff. He saved my life. He is so good he carries around his own tools! I mean this Doctor is the best. If you have any back problems and all go see him. His staff are also great people make you feel like family.”

Tara G. - Patient

“Dr. Moza is one of not too many gifted neurosurgeon who understands and is compassionate to his patients. I never expected to be up and moving around after an ACDF surgery after 1 day. He is so medically and technologically savvy doctor. Because of this surgery I know that I will have a better quality of life, enjoying my 2 young boys and my family with no more pain. He is the only neurosurgeon I would recommend. Dr. Moza is intelligent, amazing and personable.”

Gerry P. - Patient

“Everyone this is a follow up to my first recommendation for Dr. Kapil Moza. I had L5 S1 Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery on Feb 16, 2016. Today I played golf for the first time in 7 weeks. I am a 7.5 handicap and shot a 81 today at my club Oak Creek In Irvine, CA.
Dr. Moza is one of the best neurosurgeons in the Los Angeles area, and his staff is exceptional. I played with no pain down the back of my leg and hit my normal swing. Dr. Moza is located in Thousand Oaks, CA. I live in Seal Beach and drove the 70 miles.
If you are suffering from back issues don’t settle for average go to the best. His results and reviews say it all.
Thank you Dr. Moza!”


“I am able to enjoy life again! Dr. Moza has a way of perfectly mixing medical expertise and bed-side manner. He is respectful, caring and genuinely sincere. Cannot recommend him more. Thank you!”


“Dr. Moza performed a lumbar fusion surgery on me 8 days ago. He visited me everyday in the hospital to make sure my every need was met. Of course, I am still recovering but know that he will make sure that my pain will be gone for good! Dr. Moza and his office staff were extemely professional, attentive, and expert in what they do. I am very happy that I chose Dr. Moza.”


“Hello… I’m a former patient of Dr. Moza. I had a lamenectomy and microdiscectomy done on my spine in 2006 we are now in 2011 and I have never had back pain again he did such a good job Im very fortunate to have had a doctor like Mr. Moza I was un able to feel my legs nor could I walk anymore the pain was so much that in 2 weeks I lost 27lbs because I was profusely sweating but after doctor Moza worked on me the pain went again as soon as they woke me up after surgery the recovery only took like 3 months and I went back to work I highly recommend Dr. Moza hes a very very good dr Im a living witness to that.”


“I was referred to Dr. Moza after a year and a half of my siatica not improving with alternative treatments. The care and efficiency with which I got in for an appointment and evaluated by Dr. Moza was unpresidented. Dr Moza took time to explain the disease process, review the MRI, and discuss my options for surgery fully with me. Dr. Moza and his staff worked cohesively to expedite the surgery and have been continually supportive through my recovery process. No one could ask for more!”


“I was referred to Dr. Moza by my wife who works at Los Robles Hospital. She has been a nurse at Los Robles for several years and I trusted her opinion on choosing a good Neurosurgeon as she works closely with many of the Doctors there. Dr. Moza was extremely Professional and thorough in explaining exactly what was occuring in the Degenerated Discs in my neck which was causing weakness, numbness, and serious pain in my left arm. He felt confident that a Multilevel ACDF would be the best solution to relieve the pain and get me back to a normal life. It’s been 3 weeks since the surgery and my left arm has regained all its strength back and I’ve also lost all numbness in my pointer finger with absolutely no pain in my left arm. There is some discomfort in the neck area where the surgery occurred but this is to be expected and its also my fault fo trying to do too much around the house too quickly. Overall, I feel confident in referring someone to Dr. Moza as he fulfilled so many of my concerns through the whole process.”


“I’m just going to get straight to the point.. Dr. Moza is a miracle worker! I had my L4-L5 laminectomy yesterday, and I finally have feeling back as well as no pain in my legs.. Dr. Moza is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever had in my 22 years on this earth.. If you’re looking for different spine doctors and you’re trying to find the best option look no further Dr. Moza is your man.”


“There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for giving me pain free life! He is the best neurosurgeon, not to mention a good guy, a doctor who really cares!”

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