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What is Spinal Instability?

Spinal instability can cause severe unwanted pain throughout areas of your back. Stretched or torn ligaments and broken bone coupled with excessive motion can cause spinal instability. These abnormal slipping and rubbing motions cause pain, and can be severe depending on the amount. If you have a stable fracture in your spine, treatment will include bracing and rest. However, an unstable fracture will require realignment surgery of the bones, in order to prevent further nerve and spinal cord injury.

Causes for Spinal Instability

Nerves tethered to discs become irritated as vertebrae slide back and forth abnormally, which results in the pain you feel and overall spinal instability. The lack of appropriate movement that vertebrae are capable of is generally the reason for back pain, but there are other reasons, including:

Degenerative diseases Previous spinal operations Spinal trauma Scoliosis or other congenital lesions on the spine Spinal tumors Spinal infections

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Dr. Moza is an experienced California spine surgeon, lauded as a Vitals Top 10 Neurosurgeon who has received several customer care awards and numerous other accolades.

Located in Thousand Oaks, California, Dr. Moza serves all of southern California, including: Los Angeles, Westlake Village, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita, Camarillo, Calabasas, Hollywood, Ventura and San Diego. Contact Dr. Moza to see if spine surgery is right for you.

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