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Artificial Disc Replacement

Natural spinal discs can deteriorate and become troublesome for any individual, which makes artificial discs a likely solution. Sometimes, though, artificial disc replacement surgery is necessary to maintain spinal stability and alleviate back pain.

Artificial discs are prosthetic devices that mimic natural spinal discs, and are placed between vertebrae in order to preserve mobility and increase spinal stability. Acute disc herniation will likely require non-surgical therapies; when those therapies fail, Dr. Moza may recommend artificial disc replacement via spine surgery.

What are my options?


A discectomy spine surgery relieves pressure on the nerves and spinal cord by removing some or all of the damaged discs. This is also known as decompression, and helps to restore spinal alignment and stability.


The traditional go-to procedure for treating degenerative disc disease and disc herniation has been spinal fusion. A spinal fusion procedure will fuse two adjacent vertebrae using bone grafts, metal plates and screws. The spinal fusion process typically stabilizes the spine segment, providing pain relief. A spinal fusion, however, can result in a loss of motion and flexibility.

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

An artificial disc replacement surgery may be better for you than a spinal fusion. This type of spine surgery, also known as an arthroplasty, is a joint replacement procedure that inserts an artificial disc in place of a natural, herniated disc. An artificial disc is designed to preserve mobility within the space and spinal cord. An artificial disc functions like a joint that provides motion (rotation, side bending, extension and flexion) and alignment (curvature and height) similar to a natural disc.

The benefit of an artificial disc replacement procedure is the loss of pain while maintaining motion and flexibility. Artificial disc replacement is a complicated procedure, and only a top spine surgeon like Dr. Moza can perform it successfully.


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Dr. Moza is an experienced California spine surgeon, lauded as a Vitals Top 10 Neurosurgeon who has received several customer care awards and numerous other accolades.

Located in Thousand Oaks, California, Dr. Moza serves all of southern California, including: Los Angeles, Westlake Village, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita, Camarillo, Calabasas, Hollywood, Ventura and San Diego.

Contact Dr. Moza to see if artificial disc replacement surgery is right for you.

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